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ADAS Development

Project Type

Research & Development


2020 - 2022

I have worked on the development of ADAS for several years. I have developed autonomous robots, designed and integrated suspension and steering systems, and developed level 1 ADAS for Mahindra XUV 700 and e-XUV400. My work has involved a wide range of tasks, from developing autonomous robots to designing and integrating suspension and steering systems. I have also developed a variety of software and hardware tools to support my work.

I am skilled in a variety of technologies, including autonomous robots, kinematics, dynamics, sensor integration, virtual testing and training, frequency selective dampers, state estimation algorithms, suspension and steering systems, lane detecting and driver steering warning modules, and 3D video stream stitching and communication. I am also skilled in the development of software and hardware tools to support my work.

I am a valuable asset to any team working on ADAS development. I have the skills and experience to help teams develop safe and reliable ADAS systems.

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